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Valve’s Steam Halloween Sale 2014: Games With Massive Discounts

The Steam Halloween Sale 2104 sale has started and there will be discounts on a range of PC games including horror, zombie or Halloween based games. The sale is different from the usual practice of Steam that includes flash sales or meta-games in the shopping cart.steam-halloween-sale

More than hundred games are offered through the sale, a majority of which are scary and are offered at low prices.Popular games like Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics are offered at $2.50 each. The sequel to the trilogy, Fallout 3, Game of the year Edition can be purchased for $6.79. Two seasons of Walking Dead from Telltale, popular with zombie fans are offered at $6.24 and $12.49 respectively. Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition, an open-world zombie game is priced at $37.49.


More than a dozen games are offered up to 85 percent discount and the offer will end by November 3. Other games like Spore, Redemption, Blackguards, Amnesia Collection are included in the sale. A total of 442 games is on offer that an interest a gamer with specific interests. One of the best deals is the popular zombie game Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 that is bundled for a price of $7.18.

Other recommendations include Slender: The Arrival for $4.99, Darksiders Franchise Pack for just $8.99, Murdered: Franchise Pack for $8.99 and F.E.A.R Collection for $13.74. The first edition of F.E.A.R  features a story of how US forces infiltrate an Aerospace compound, the second chapter Extraction Point Expansion where Alma looks for retribution and the third Perseus Mandate uncovers the mystery of Armacham and the project.

However, some gamers expected games like Divinity: Original Sin and Far Cry 4 to be  included in the sale. Valve Steam users might end up shopping for several game sin one go, many of which might be less interesting. Gamers must browse through the library of the games offered in the sale to find the best games based on interest.

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