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Xiaomi Mi4 vs Xiaomi Mi3: Price & Specs Compared

Xiaomi Mi3 has remained to be one of the most popular smartphones ever produced in China. However, it is given a stiff competition from its successor, Xiaomi Mi4. The phones of two generations are about to lock horns in the market and the fans are curious to know the precedence of these phones over one another. This could ease their decision about which phone to choose for usage.xiaomi-mi4-vs-mi3

Let us now start with the head on comparison between the two smartphones in terms of their hardware as well as software performance:



When it comes to processors, Xiaomi Mi4 wins the race as it possesses a third generation Snapdragon 801 chipset studded with LTE connectivity and clocked at 2500 MHz. On the other hand, Xiaomi Mi3 carries the usual Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 2300 MHz. However, Xiaomi Mi4 carries an Android 4.4 (Kitkat) technology, which is exactly the same technology Xiaomi Mi3 has.


When it comes to dimensions, Xiaomi Mi3 comes with the figures of 144*73.6*8.1mm. On the other hand, Xiaomi Mi4 comes with the dimension stats of 139.2*68.5*8.9mm.


Xiaomi Mi3 weighs 145grams which is exactly the same as its successor. Hence, when it comes to weight, both the devices are considered light weight and easy to carry.


When it comes to RAM, Xiaomi Mi4 is a sure shot winner that comes with 3GB of RAM as opposed to 2GB available in Xiaomi Mi3.


Both the smartphones measure at 5 inches with a capacitive touch screen. The display resolution is also the same that measures 1080*1920 pixels with a pixel density of 441ppi.


It is mind boggling to know that resolution of the camera of both the phones is similar and clocked at 13MP. However, Xiaomi Mi4 possesses a LED flash which raises it higher in the comparison and when it comes to the secondary camera, Xiaomi Mi4 again snatches the wisdom as it carries a secondary camera clocked at 8MP as against 2MP in Xiaomi Mi3.


4G technology is relatively new in the market and hence Xiaomi Mi3 does not possess this network connectivity, but its successor does not miss out on it. Hence, in terms of network performance and connectivity, Xiaomi Mi4 performs better.


When it comes to battery, Xiaomi Mi4 comes out as a winner again as it possesses a battery power of 3050mAh, while Xiaomi Mi3’s battery is measured at 3080mAh.


Now we come to the real comparison factor, i.e., the price. Xiaomi Mi4 can be bought in the market at a price of $400. On the other hand, its predecessor can be bought at a nominal price of around $300.


Xiaomi Mi4 scores well above its predecessor on grounds of processing, display and other factors. Although Xiaomi Mi4 comes at a higher price than its predecessor, but the features embedded in it certainly call for a purchase. Now it is upon you to make a decision among the two lively phones by Xiaomi. Although Xiaomi hasn’t entered into the mainstream markets in the US and UK, the introduction of 4G network option on the latest smartphone hints at a US launch very soon, if the network supports the market’s available bandwidth.

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