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Rite Aid and CVS Pharmacy reject Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Rite Aid and CVS have refused Apple Pay, as well as Google Wallet, that supports NFC based payment method. Both of the major retailers refused to accept the payment system and try to push up their own payment system.cvs-pharmacy-store

Apple Pay has been facing its biggest rival and it is in the form of new payment system called as CurrentC. CVS and Rite Aid are past of collective of retailer, (who’re collectively called as Merchant Customer Exchange) tying to pushing their own mobile based payment system.


Rite Aid posted at their stores:

“Please note that we do not accept Apple Pay at this time. However, we are currently working with a group of large retailers to develop a mobile wallet that allows for mobile payments attached to credit cards and bank accounts directly from a smart phone. We expect to have this feature available in the first half of 2015.If customers attempt to pay for a transaction with Apple Pay, a message will prompt both customers and cashier for a different form of payment. Please instruct cashiers to apologize to the customer and explain that we do not currently accept Apple Pay, but will have our own mobile wallet next year.”

 The new technology is termed as CurrentC and it uses QR codes to make automated payments using mobile devices. The bunch of retailers uses their own payment system and it is not the primary reason for blocking the Apple Pay and Google Wallet. The main reason is, MCX retailers think that the NFC based payments will bring a monopoly sort of mobile payment in the future, in spite of allowing the market competition to go on its natural course.

By creating a new payment system for the MCX retailers, it will create a good chance for both consumers as well as retailers and in addition to this, it might be dangerous while using QR code. Malware can be easily loaded into the payment system through the QR codes and this will bring out various problems in the payment system.

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