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The first week of Apple Pay spoiled by glitches, bugs and confusion

Apple Pay has certainly eased the process of making payments online. However, we cannot conclude it to be a total flawless technology. The problem does not reside in the technology expertise of Apple but its partners’ lack of preparation and knowledge about the online mobile payment system.apple-pay-website

Samuel Burke from CNN Money said on Wednesday that he had been twice charged for the payment he wanted to process. An ample of other users of Apple Pay have also reported a similar problem which is no less than an alarming sign for the Mountain View based company. Samuel Burke had used his iPhone 6 synchronized with his Bank of America account. When he paid to purchase food on Monday, it was found out on Tuesday that he had been charged twice for the same transaction.


The Reddit user named KelbyMay said, “I just used Apple Pay for the first time today and I found out that I was charged twice for the same purchases, is anybody else having the same problem?”

Samuel Burke was agitated after what happened with his transaction and he tried to contact Bank of America’s customer care for the same. The Bank’s customer support redirected him to Apple Pay’s support. The answer that he received from the customer support of Apple Pay was horrendous. They responded to him by saying that they could not do anything about it since Apple does not keep a record of the Apple Pay transactions. However, Samuel Burke was promised a refund from the Bank of America in the end.

Tara Burke, the spokesperson of the Bank of America said, “We apologize for the inconvenience and are correcting this issue immediately and all duplicates will be refunded.”  Apple on the other hand was aware of all the mishaps with its users regarding them being doubly charged, but the company is proud of the performance of its new payment system.

The American company is of the belief that only a few users have been affected from the misleads of Apple Pay. Apple has also cited the fact that cashiers are not well trained about Apple Pay transactions and hence they make mistakes causing the company to take the blot on their profile and legacy.

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