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Facebook re-invents the classic old chat rooms with ‘Rooms’ app

Facebook Inc. has at last released a new chat application for iPhone. Rooms, as they name it, is an anonymous chat application allowing users to talk to people without actually knowing them. This is to a certain extent a re-invention of the classic old chat application of the 1990’s where users could create anonymous chat rooms. Technically, they were termed as Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Systems, which worked on similar conditions like that of Facebook’s Rooms.facebook-rooms-app

Rooms will not ask the users to sign in via their Facebook accounts, which is certainly the first step to maintain the anonymous identity. All the users will need to provide is an email address and use the same email address to login, in case of switching the devices. The application will allow the users to chat about literally anything in a way different from Facebook’s own messenger.


In order to understand how Rooms will work, one will have to understand how the IRC Systems worked back in the 1990’s. The IRC’s were first developed in the year 1988, which allowed the users to communicate with other IRC systems across the internet via simple text messages. With time, File sharing system was also added which proved to be one of the most important features of online chatting.

In order to be a part of Rooms, the users will have to scan a 2D barcode. You can create your own chat room and be a moderator or also join another room. In order to maintain the chat rooms, the developers have allowed the Moderators the authority to add or block users, filter the posts, etc.. Rooms app also has an age verification slab, which can be easily bypassed by clicking on “Yes! I am over 18” button.


Currently, Rooms app is only available for the iPhone users now. The reports are that Facebook’s developer labs are also working on similar applications for Android and Windows devices as well.

The main motive behind this application is to create a place for a thing and allows you to invite various users into the groups to discuss various sorts of things in the rooms. Rooms allows you to customize the look and feel of the created groups (or forums) and users can share videos as well as photos in it.

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