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Sundar Pichai is now in charge of Google’s key products and services

Google has been consistently making changes in its management recently. The technology giant has now appointed Sundar Pichai as an in-charge for crucial products in the company. Sundar Pichai previously served as the Senior Vice President at Google who was responsible for the Chrome and Android department, but now he has been promoted and vested with the opportunity to take care of several important products by Google.sundar-pichai-google

Google+, ads and other important responsibilities have also been transferred now from Larry Page to Sundar Pichai. Larry Page is the CEO of American company. Sundar Pichai has proved himself over the years and was the best candidate for the position. He has worked with Google for 9 years now and was also rumored to be the immediate choice for becoming the CEO of Microsoft. However, this role had gone to Satya Nadella. But Sundar Pichai has nothing to lose after being given a great opportunity by the Mountain View based company.


The power vested in the hands of Sundar Pichai is phenomenal to say the least. However, not all the products of Google would fall in the lap of Sundar Pichai including the likes of YouTube which is being controlled by Susan Wojcicki.

Susan overtook the YouTube section of the company earlier this year and has been doing a great job so far. The other divisions like Nest’s growing internet of things team, the biotech innovations taking place at Calico and the moonshots made by Google X all fall under the supervision of Larry Page.

Larry Page is of the view that focusing on the bigger picture will determine tomorrow’s Google. He has appointed a team to figure out the world-changing problems and how Google can be a help to it.

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