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Android Lollipop to be released for Samsung Galaxy S5 in December

Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google’s latest operating system will be released for Samsung Galaxy S5 users in December. The report by SamMobile has not revealed the exact date, but it will be released in time for the holidays.galaxy-s5-gold

The report states that the update would take over a month to reach all regions as carriers have control over the release. Android Lollipop which was released last week features a new user interface, better notification control, enhanced battery life and support for 64-bit architecture. Other features include multiple user accounts, default user encryption and ability to mute contacts which allows only specific people to send messages or calls. The update also fixes several security bugs in the earlier Kitkat OS.


A recent leak by a developer revealed the ‘Ambient Display’ feature that will automatically wake up the device when picked up. The latest OS will be preloaded on the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 tablet next month and will be released to other smartphones in phases. The OS will be available to the entire Sony Xperia Z series, including the Z Ultra Google Play Edition that was released last week.

Samsung is yet to officially confirm the reports regarding the release, though Sony, HTC and Motorola, has announced the release of their devices. Samsung is in the process of testing its devices with the Android 5.0 and is customizing TouchWiz to match Google’s new UX. The ART runtimes in the Lollipop OS will efficiently handle background apps and claims to increase battery life by 90 minutes. Sammobile had earlier reported that Android 5.0 will be released on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5.

Check out the Exclusive preview of Android L:

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