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Takata Corp to face serious competition from Autoliv and Daicel

Takata Corporation might just have opened the gates to its competitors to creep into the market with the defects coming up with its Airbags. The defective Takata Airbags have already resulted in the deaths of 4 individuals in different car models of Honda Motor Corporation. The last news about the issue involved a recall made by the various car makers who use the Takata Airbags.Takata Corporation to face serious competition from Autoliv and Daicel

The recall made is the largest this year, which can very well be marked as the worst year for car makers involving recall. The numbers suggest that approximately 14 million cars have been recalled over the defective airbag issue. More that 10 car makers have cumulatively made the largest recall of the year.


According to the experts, the defective airbags can prove deadly for Takata Corp, which is currently one of the leading dealers in airbags with a list of clients exceeding the nearest competitors by a long distance. But the deaths caused by the defective airbags can easily ignite a confusion leading to which Takata Corporation can easily lose its clients. The nearest competitors to Takata Corporation in the field are Autoliv and Daicel.

No reports have been filed of similar defects with the airbags from Autoliv and Daicel, which gives them a greater edge over Takata. According to the experts, Takata will surely lose a huge market share owing to the deaths in the near future. But Takata will have to pull up the scene in the meantime to soar into the market once again. On the other hand, it is good to see that the Honda Motor Corporation and Toyota have held their ground in support of their long time partner and Airbag suppliers, Takata Corporation.

The airbags are installed in a car in order to prevent casualties in case of accidents but, these airbags have themselves been the cause of more than 2-3 deaths already. According to the reports, defective Takata Airbags has officially killed 3 individuals already.

According to the investigation reports, the modern day airbags can explode if they contain some sort of manufacturing defect or some other issues developed over the time. The design is such that the airbags will inflate on a small explosion if the car meets some sort of unnatural stop or an accident. It has been seen that the defective airbags shoot out sharpened objects on inflation. Thus, instead of protection, the flying sharp objects have resulted in injuries to many owners and in some cases the injuries have been fatal as well.

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