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Daimler sells 4 percent stake in Tesla Motors, stock falls

Daimler has recently announced that it will be giving away the 4 percent stake, it has in Tesla Motors. The Mercedes-Benz company has sold it already, and as usual, the stock falls. This move came from the company as a result of the rivalry that has been on an ongoing concern between the two companies.130517135909-tesla-store-620xa

Daimler had invested in Tesla back in 2009 and quite recently it has invested in the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive and electric powered smart cars. The share selling would not hamper the battery agreement at all. The analysts are of the view that Mercedes-Benz take Tesla as a rival in the market, especially that of the electric car market.


When Tesla entertained the initial investment by Daimler, the latter bought stakes accounting for 9.1 percent and costing about $50 million. This had been taken back to only 4 percent in a few years.

Tesla Motors announced its patents to the world in a hope that the other automakers would follow the trend and help in the development of electric vehicles. However, it went wrong for the company and Daimler thought of Tesla as a rival and as a result, sold off its shares.

Tesla is on the losing side here as its transparent opening about patents was misinterpreted by the other rivals.

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