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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to get Android Lollipop soon

Finally, Samsung and Android Lollipop have been linked together. It was just the matter of time when rumors would spring up about the latest device from the Note series, i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the upcoming Android Lollipop.galaxy-note-4-android-lollipop

There was quite an awkward silence in the media in relation to the availability of Android L in Samsung Galaxy Note 4. But now rumors have started springing up pointing to an available upgrade. Although, Samsung has not released any official statement, but some of the posts on social media show of a few features similar to that of Android L.

According to the images posted on the twitter handle, Samsung is directly trying to show off the QHD Super AMOLED display of Galaxy Note 4. It is not the QHD Super AMOLED display that has risen to the occasion, but the image filling the screen shows a bright candy sort of thing. The name Android Lollipop suggests that like all other versions of Android, Android L will surely have a Lollipop as its symbol. With Samsung’s twitter handle posting pictures of Galaxy Note 4 with having candy like images on display will surely ignite the rumors.

Although, it will not be a shocking revelation if Galaxy Note 4 comes with the Android L upgrade option. Major smartphone makers like Sony, Motorola, etc. have already announced the availability of Android L on the new upcoming models and some of the older models as well. This brings up another question with regards to Samsung and availability of Android L.

What will happen to Samsung Galaxy S5? The experts believe that both Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 will not be allowed the upgrade together. Either of the one will have to wait for its turn to come. With the anticipated features and specifications already out, one must wait patiently for the inevitable to roll out.

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