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Nokia Lumia is now officially rebranded as Microsoft Lumia

Nokia has been among the top mobile phone makers for a long period of time, but the scenario has not been the same with its series of smartphones better known as Lumia. The company from Finland launched the Lumia series on Windows Phone OS, which received a very stiff competition from Android and iOS. Many people initially expressed their doubts with the collaboration of Nokia and Windows, where Android was growing rapidly.Nokia Lumia to be refurbished as Microsoft Lumia

The expectations went up a bit with the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft. But sadly, the game has not changed. One will not say that Nokia Lumia has a poor interface or performance, but the Nokia branded Lumia smartphones never stood tall in front of Android and iOS. Some people even commented that Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia will not be a profitable deal. Interestingly, the words have come true and Microsoft hasn’t had a good time with the acquisition of Nokia.


The rumors were that the branding of Lumia will change from Nokia to Microsoft as soon as the deal is completed. Thus, this is not precisely a huge surprise to the people. Instead the thought to wonder upon is what took so long for the change. Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Mobile division in the month of April for $7.2 billion, which till date has not yielded huge profits.

According to the reports, Microsoft will now completely remove the name Nokia and state its as Microsoft Lumia for the upcoming models. The expectations are rising once again with the hopes that this change in the name may well bring in better business for the Lumia smartphones. The hopes are even brighter as Microsoft under the new CEO, Satya Nadella has shown some serious promise to lead the markets again. Although no official statement has been made, the world will look forward to the plot development.

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