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AT&T announces winners of the $50,000 Traffic Safety innovation challenge

AT&T has announced the grand prize winners of the Connected intersections Challenge, which aims at developing apps and technological solutions for traffic safety at New York City streets. Eight winners were selected from 45 teams from 13 countries and will share the $50,000 prize.att-logo-emblem


The winners were announced on Tuesday with the grand prize for developing  “Tug” that would alert the person while intersecting a street. The “Drowsy Detector” app that alerts the user in case of drowsiness was awarded the popular choice award. The developers submitted their apps and wearable devices based on communications, user interfaces, sensors and other technologies after working on it for the past four months.

“Today’s mobile technology allows us to envision and create solutions to problems in completely new and different ways,” said Marissa Shorenstein, New York State president of AT&T.

The Innovation Challenge was judged by high-profile individuals in transportation, government and technology like Marissa, Kim Wileyschwartz of the New York City Center for Transportation; Matthew Brimer of General Assembly; Luke DeBois of New YOrk University’s Polytechnic School of Engineering and Justin Hendrix of NYC Media Lab. The panel presented the prizes to developers in Solutions for Drivers, pedestrians, Cyclists, multi-modal and Popular Choice categories.

The eight winners come from Poland, Romania, San Francisco and New York and their apps are dependent on several sensors for the apps to work. Tug would depend on Bluetooth-enabled beacons in city traffic lights while “Yield,” the multi-modal winner requires other users to install the app and alerts each other nearby. The second prize was bagged by Drive Safely that automatically communicates with another user while the driver is engaged.

The challenge was a follow-up to AT&T campaign with NYC Media Lab and New York University Polytechnic School and the focus on New York City streets raised the interest and awareness.

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