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14 million cars recalled from 11 automakers over Takata airbag issue

We have seen quite a few reasons for which many vehicles have been launched this year, but the Airbag trouble to a certain degree is the weirdest one one must have come across. The airbags are installed in a car in order to prevent casualties in case of accidents but, these airbags have themselves been the cause of more than 2-3 deaths already. According to the reports, defective Takata Airbags has officially killed 3 individuals already. More than 14 million vehicles ranging across 11 car makers have been recalled around the world. Till date, the ignition defect with GM was responsible for the largest single recall made this year.inflated-takata-airbag

This is not the first time when Airbags has caused trouble. In fact the modern day Airbags were developed only to counter the toxic fumes released by the previous airbags. Honda was the first car maker to use the new design of airbags and since then Takata has been supplying airbags for them. Apart from Honda, many other renowned car makers also use Takata airbags.


According to the investigation reports, the modern day airbags can explode if they contain some sort of manufacturing defect or some other issues developed over the time. The design is such that the airbags will inflate on a small explosion if the car meets some sort of unnatural stop or an accident. It has been seen that the defective airbags shoot out sharpened objects on inflation. Thus, instead of protection, the flying sharp objects have resulted in injuries to many owners and in some cases the injuries have been fatal as well.

The investigation also shows that the owners had made reports of flying objects and ruptured airbags on many occasions. The first reports were made in the year 2004. In the year 2008, a small recall was made of approximately about 4200 vehicles. It was around 6 months later when the first serious injury happened as a sharp object went flying straight through the neck of the driver. There are many examples of such incidents after that.

The baffling question is that when Honda and Takata were well aware of the defects and the threat it posed, why didn’t the makers step forward! According to the NHTSA, Honda and Takata had not made any reports of a defect until 2011, when a company is liable to report a defect within 5 days. This has created ripples among the car owners. On the other hand, if the NHTSA digs deep into the issue, Takata might find itself into some trouble as well. As of for now, the 14 million vehicles will be taken care of in order to avoid further incidents.

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