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Dropbox updated its iOS app with fingerprint sensor support for iOS 8

New iOS and devices from Apple have started many new trends in the mobile world. The Touch ID introduced by iOS 8 will significantly improve security and credential recognition in all the applications you use regularly. One such app is Dropbox, a cloud storage service, which modified its iPhone application according to the brand new features brought in by iOS 8.dropbox-ios-8-app-screenshot

The changes are done to make use of the features now available on the new phones and give an all-round user experience. These include better resolution, fingerprint touch recognition and shows more items on the big screen (especially on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus).


Dropbox recently rolled out a major update for iOS, which had notification and sharing related alterations. The changes were fairly visible to the users and this update was not expected. The application surprised the Apple users as well. Going fast and pleasing Apple fans who bought these just launched devices; Dropbox has added a few things.

Like the Touch ID added now can be activated by going to the Settings option of the app. In earlier versions a passcode was used for this purpose and it remains intact in the latest version too. If your Touch ID fails, the application asks for the passcode. Get the latest version of Dropbox 3.5 and enjoy safe cloud storage.

Touch and fingerprint recognition are extremely important for security reasons as many hackers are trying to access personal data. Dropbox’s timely upgrade with iOS 8 devices adds twofold security to your data. All the files and folders you upload and share will never be compromised if such security measures are taken every time platform upgrades are rolled out.

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