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Microsoft Smartwatch: You’ll be witnessing by this Christmas

Microsoft has not had a great time with the acquisition of Nokia, but the organization is looking forward to change its fortune with the launch of its Smartwatch at a  time of a few weeks from now. According to the reports, Microsoft Corporation is all set to launch its first generation Smartwatch.microsoft2-660x350

Although no official statements have been made in this regard, the rumors about the upcoming Smartwatch from Microsoft is flying high. Many consider that after the Smartphones, it is the time when Smartwatches take the center stage in the industry.


The initial reports and rumors about the upcoming launch of an anticipated Smartwatch from Microsoft has taken the center stage already. The rumors suggest that the Smartwatch will be launched in a few weeks and will be available for use on various different platforms. The rumors also have it that the device will be able to track the user’s heart beat rate also. Thus, working as a health monitoring device as well.

According to the experts, in case Microsoft launches a wearable device working on a different platform, it will only aid the company. The acquisition of Nokia has not been a great venture till date and the company stands all the chances to make amends for it! One must expect the Smartwatch to have a great battery life and a wide range of features as well.

With the unveiling of Apple Inc’s apple Watch on September 9th, the rumors about Microsoft’s Smartwatch was also fuelled. Interestingly, Microsoft has refused to make any comments in this regard.

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