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Nokia unveiled Lumia 1520 windows phone with microsoft GD3 updated

Last month, we had already posted a leaked image of Nokia’s next generation 6-inch giant windows phone. Now it’s time to reveal Nokia’s upcoming flagship, as we suggested this device is larger in size. The device Nokia Lumia 1520 is fully featured and runs on windows operating system. When compared Sony Xperia Smartphone, 6-inch Smartphone is bigger and with the similar design of Nokia Lumia 925. The verge updated few more images of upcoming Nokia Lumia generation which is named as “Bandit”.



The 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520 full HD (1080p) Smartphone works on Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB RAM. Smartphone comes with 32GB variant internal memory for storing data and can be expandable with microSD cards. At the point of view we have, 20-mega pixel pure view rear camera, polycarbonate body and running on newest Microsoft GD3 Windows update. As shown in the images, rear camera is placed with bit hump which is similar to Nokia Lumia 925. Moreover, Nokia Lumia 1520 has more live tiles column on the start screen, so we can easily access with no time.

The GD3 update includes improved driving mode to automatically mute calls or send message when the device is paired with car Bluetooth. Update improves in multitasking and custom sounds while receiving a calls or message. Nokia planning to launch Lumia 1520 with AT&T on next week and price will be confirmed during release. This giant 6-inch Smartphone will be priced around 300-400 British pounds. The company not only introducing Lumia 1520, but also going to launch one more device named Lumia 928 (UK operator). There is no much information of upcoming flagship release date or in which country, the device may releases.

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