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Apple iPad Air 2: Top Features You Should Know

The new Apple iPad Air 2 is not only thinner and powerful than last year’s release, but comes with a range of new features. The tablet is mainly aimed at business users with several productivity and business apps and will be released on October 20.ipadair2

The iPad Air 2 runs on the latest iOS, features a Touch ID  scanner and includes continuity features for answering text messages and calls on the device. The new iPad is 18 percent thinner from the original iPad, more lighter and features the 9.7-inch display. Though the display is similar to the predecessor, there is an increase in sharpness as the company has bonded the LCD panel, glass and touch sensor to prevent air gaps. This makes the output sit on top of the display and reducing the thickness.


Apple’s new A8X processor in the tablet is more powerful than the A8 processor in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and the company claims that it provides a 40 percent performance boost. This also increases the efficiency of the CPU and increases battery life. The 4G variant of the device is capable of providing fast internet speed which is 50 percent faster than the original iPad.

The continuity feature on the iPad Air 2 allows linking the iPhone and iPad which allow attending calls on the tablet including reading and sending SMS. The handoff feature allows switching work between Apple devices like beaming a word document or any other work to iPad from Mac or iPhone. The iPad Air 2 will be the company’s first tablet to include the Touch ID sensor that recognizes thumbprint for the security of the device.


The Apple SIM feature on 4G iPads allows users to subscribe to short term plans without having to depend on long-term contracts. The Apple Pay feature is the latest platform that used credit card information and NFC to make payment in most leading retails tores like Walmart, Target etc including apps and online platforms.

The innovative SIM technology is Apple’s take on the wireless carriers. The quiet introduction of Apple SIM, which lets you select a wireless carrier of your choice on Apple devices, is a great game changer for the telecom industry as well. The new SIM technology adds flexibility to your communications and make them a lot cheaper. Phone bills and connectivity in different locations vary a lot. For those who travel a lot face this problem alot. Apple SIM comes with an option to choose from various carriers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc., and you can independently choose whichever network you feel is superior.

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