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Apple Watch “WatchKit” SDK to be launched in November 2014

The Apple Watch is going to be out very soon. Thus, the anticipation about the various applications which will be available for Apple Watch has also risen. In the mean time,. Apple Inc. has added a flavor to the anticipation. According to the reports, Apple has announced on Thursday that a completely new software development kit will be launched for  Apple Watch exclusively. The new software development kit will be known as WatchKit as it will allow the users to develop applications exclusively for the much awaited Apple wearable deviceapple-watch

The announcement was made by Apple CEO Tim Cook on Thursday. The exclusive development kit for Apple Watch will be made available to the developers ahead of the actual launch of the product such that the developers can create applications for the Apple Watch.


According to the reports, the SDK for Apple Watch will be released sometime in November this year. The WatchKit is being launched approximately two months ahead of the launch of the device.

According to the experts, the early release of the WatchKit will allow the developers to study the sphere of development well. In addition, the early release will also aid the pace of application development and testing of various applications for the Apple Watch.

On the other hand, Apple Inc. is currently riding the atmosphere around the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Thus, it is quite clear that Apple Watch will come some time when the enthusiasm around iPhone ceases. Thus, the developers have the time to develop a decent number of applications!

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