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Microsoft CEO apologized again, launches diversity training effort

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is launching a diversity effort in a move to calm down employees who were angered on his recentcontroversial “karma would reward a woman” comment. The CEO stated that he wanted to increase the workforce of minorities and women in the company.satya-nadella-microsoft-ceo

Apart from the launch Nadella apologized for his comments in a company wide memo that it was a “humbling and learning experience.” Women employees in Microsoft earn 99.7 percent of what men earn in the US, he added. He asked women not to ask for pay raises and assured that the system will pay them based on their worth.


“We must ensure that not only that everyone receives equal pay for equal work, but that they have the opportunity to do equal work,” said Nadella in the memo.

Microsoft reported that 29 percent of employees were women, including 17 percent of managers and is on par with other technology companies. The number is lesser in the management and engineering sector with 17 percent. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s comments were made during the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing last week. Though women are increasingly successful in the corporate world, they are paid less when compared with male colleagues. He also promised that there would be more diverse talent at all levels of the company.

Nadella mentioned that someone’s good work will definitely be compensated for in the long-term. Laura Kay, a professor at Haas School of Business said Nadella remained insensitive  and lacked awareness about the issue of inequality for women in a workplace. During the interview, the CEO made comments about “super powers” in every human and narrated his own experience about his interview with Microsoft.

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