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Google Play Store has more downloads, but App Store generates more revenue

In case you have used both, an Android device as well as an iOS device, which app store would rate as a better one? This is such a question that can trigger a debate which can easily last for hours. Although, both the app stores are versatile enough to meet your needs, people have their choices. The major diversity in choices arises between the user of an application and the developer of that same application. The user looks forward to the versatility of the applications and the app store and at the same time, the developers look for revenue.google-play-vs-app-store

According to a recent report by App Annie, Google Play has more downloads than Apple’s app store. In fact, the downloads are about 60% more than that in the case of Apple’s app store. On the other hand, the revenue generated for the developers is approximately 505 more in Apple’s app store compared to Google Play. The statistics have been taken for the third quarter of the year and the results have attracted quite a few curious minds.


According to the experts, the expansion of Google Play in all dimensions might just be the reason for the low generation of revenue. The abundance of similar applications allows the users to choose from the list of free apps other than the paid apps. In that case, the revenue lowers automatically. The experts also believe that the abundance of free apps also encourages the users to download the free app and use them. Since, there is no cost involved, the downloads are automatically high.

According to the reports, the markets of Brazil, India, Indonesia are responsible for the steady growth in downloads for Google Play. The firm has also stated that for both app stores the majority of the revenue comes from the games.

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