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Microsoft to offer Docker’s app containers to Windows Server

Microsoft and Docker announced today that the companies will offer app containers to Windows Server, including an open source Docker engine. The Docker engine runtime will run and support containerized applications in Windows server along with integration of Docker Hub into Microsoft Azure.DockerAndAzureEcosystem

Developers will be able to create multi-container Dockerized application with the help of Docker’s open source API and will be supported by Azure including integration in the Azure Management Portal and Azure Gallery. Docker allows packing apps into a separate and standardized bundle that allows running “Dockerized” apps on a single server. This allows moving app images between servers or transfer from a developers PC without the customization of  a target server or install application dependencies.


The Dockerized app is smaller and efficient when compared to Virtual Machine (VM) which is a heavy load as it depends on an entire operating system. Earlier, Microsoft had announced Linux-support for Docker and the latest move reveals the company long-term plans in for cloud-service partnerships. Docker, developed for Linux offers continuous delivery  where time reduced for amending the application code and deployment. Microsoft developers can now enjoy the same efficiency of the Linux developers using Docker.

Doker also offers microservices for composing applications from several services for a specific purpose, while DevOPs is used in IT industry for app deployment. The new feature of Windows will be named Windows Server Containers that will provide an “isolated, portable and resource controlled operation environment” and will be supported by .NET and other Windows technologies. Microsoft is holding an event next week for planning the impact of cloud on business customers.

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