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Sony plans to launch new version of PlayStation Vita

At Japan in Tokyo Game Conference, Sony Computer Entertainment announced to plan to launch a new version of PlayStation Vita hardware. The new version expected to launch in Japan on 10 October at the price of 18980 Yen (US$190) in six color option.

The new version, PlayStation 2000 Series is 15% thinner and 20% lighter including 1GB built in internal storage in device. Battery life is extended to additional 1 hour as it will give total 6 hours of battery backup and the handheld uses micro-USB. Sony plans to drop PS Vita charger replace with micro-USB charger. It also ditches OLED for a standard LCD screen in new release.


Sony says “this new version of the handheld is a more casual edition, aimed at bringing more casual players in. Sony noted that it hopes more women will buy a PS Vita as a result.”


The PlayStation 2000 Series comes with six colors: white, pink, light blue, yellow, black and brown. The new version is more women oriented as it comes with more colors to choose as Sony hopes more women will buy this new version of PlayStation.

The PlayStation 2000 series coming with new games including Gundnam Breaker, Final Fantasy 10, God Eater 2 and Phantacy Car Nova. It plans to launch more limited edition games as Sony expected to have 100 Vita titles at end of the year.

Sony does not announce regarding launching PlayStation 2000 version in western countries like North America.

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