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Samsung says it has developed a 5 times faster Wi-Fi technology

The South Korean electronic giant, Samsung Electronics has developed the fastest wireless in the world. The research and development head at Samsung, Kim Chang Yong, revealed in a statement that they have accelerated data transmission by five times the present wireless speed. It is called 60GHz Wi-Fi technology. If this comes out, then you will have transmission speeds up to 4.6Gbps, which is five times the top wireless speeds we have right now. The speed which the networks claim theoretically were never achieved, but with this significantly accelerated technology actual speeds will be 10 times faster as stated by Samsung.public-wifi-range

This breakthrough and innovation is possible because 60GHz eliminates the co-channel interfaces to keep up with such high speeds throughout. The 60GHz Wi-Fi technology can change the world of wireless networking by giving you instant file transfers and real time, uninterrupted streaming on mobile devices. The next generation of Samsung smartphones and tablets will enjoy more sophisticated media and high definition videos once this technology is commercialized.


Samsung also said that it is getting a license for 60GHz technology to spread it all over the world. The company said it has achieved overall signal quality by inventing the world’s first micro beam-forming control technology. The future of Wi-Fi technology will change as new possibilities in wireless communications have emerged with this. The wireless speeds will come handy in development of audiovisual devices, medical equipments and telecommunication equipments as well.

We hope that we soon get to try out fivefold wireless speeds and enjoy faster and better data transmission soon on all our devices. Samsung can surely increase their smartphone sales if they continue innovating mobile technology like this.

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