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Apple Pay to be launched on October 18, says a leaked memo

Within just a month of its official announcement, Apple Pay is all set to be launched. The rumored date according to a leaked memo from Apple is October 18. Thus, the very first of its kind mobile payment technology is coming to your iPhones real soon. Walgreens is one of the retailers working with Apple to successfully launch Apple Pay.apple-pay-screenshots

Apple Pay is going to revolutionize payments and transactions industry by introducing more safety and privacy. Your dependency on the wallet will be minimized and you will no longer have to waste time looking for the right card while shopping. Apple is all set to give its best to the world, by making sure that we remain hassle free while buying stuff or paying bills.


The concrete and practical innovation is the core of Apple. They have dedicated teams working on product and are passionate about doing extraordinary things. The launch day will involve a iOS 8 upgrade and with that Apple Pay will land into your system.

 The method of payment is pretty simple. All you need is an Apple device and payments can be made. There are fewer chances of fraud and theft as you do not share any personal information with the merchant, seller or anyone else. The touch verification matches your id, which authenticates your presence at the time of transaction. The mobile way also eliminates signing bills, revealing card numbers and security codes.


Apple does not track your history of payments and transactions done via Apple Pay. The application will assign every user with a Device account number, which is encrypted and useful because of security reasons. The much anticipated new feature will hit iOS on October 18 if the leaked memo is true. Both online and offline payments can be made with Apple Pay.

Earlier, we reported that the management of the Silicon Valley based company is eyeing on releasing Apple Pay Services along with iOS 8.1 and hence, they are keeping the Apple pay service in pipeline before iOS 8.1 is ready to get launched. So, on October 18, you may witness the launch of iOS 8.1 with all bug fixes for iOS 8.0.2 and Apple Pay payment service for the public.

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