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Most of the “right to be forgotten” requests comes to Google from the UK

The search giant, Google is a great way to find information online. The pros and cons of this service are many as misuse of technology can lead to worse situations. Many conservative users in Europe and the UK have complained about their personal content being in the public domain. The court ordered Google to delete such pages and pieces of information when requested by people, under the Right to be forgotten category.google-search-right-to-be-forgotten

Google is getting busier with more than 144,000 ‘Right to be forgotten requests from people in the European Union and four other countries. EU court had ruled that Europeans can request Google and other search engine companies to remove content that can affect their reputation.


The court decision has affected many online publishers and search engines, Google is on top of the list due to the immense popularity. The pages that have been requested to remove often contain private or irrelevant information. The company has complied with the ruling and European laws and is accepted the petitions and appeals since May. As far as acting on it is concerned more than 18,459 or 35% of the total 60,000 links have been deleted. The highest number of appeals was made by British people alone and this has kept them pretty busy.

Europeans and Britons are continuously requesting pages to be removed and Google is busy with such requests. The challenge for the company is to look into more than 1000 requests every day and then decide to accept or decline the incoming requests. The deletion of pages is requested because the users do not want certain page results to appear when their name is searched on Google. This if seen on a personal level is a right of every user, but abusing this privilege will have adverse effects on internet publishing industry.

Google will have to keep its radar on and filter these increasing requests. Moreover sites like Facebook and YouTube will also face the heats as a number of web links users want to be removed are from these websites. Carrying out this work in a transparent manner will surely cost Google heavily.

The transparency report was released by Google on Friday revealed that there has been 1,000 requests per day since May when the company started accepting requests. The company has removed 170,506 page links out of the 500,000 links that were requested. The company declined to remove the remaining 237,561 (58.2 percent). Ever since the European Court of Justice ruling, Google has been busy reviewing the requests by users.

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