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Blackphone to launch a secure tablet for privacy seekers

Privacy is one of the major issues concerning the users in the digital age. The issue seems to spring up even more when there are various government as well as illegal organizations waiting to hit on your devices and your private data. Thus, in a situation like this, it is extremely important to keep your data protected. Nowadays, many products are being designed in such a way that the users can protect their data from the hackers. In this digital age, it seems that electronic data about an individual or an organization is of more importance than the physical existence.blackphone-tablet-privatos

Blackphone seems to be the best option available currently to users who are looking forward to protect their data from the hands of the stalkers. According to the recent reports, the developers behind Blackphone have revealed a working tablet. Blackphone is one of the most secured devices of the world running on privatOS, an android tailored OS with better security measures. The tablet also runs on the same operating system, thus allowing exceptional security measures.


According to the developers, the Smartphone is fine, but there are genuine times when the users need a tablet for some kind of work. The developers have not revealed any other specification about the device except for the OS. According to the experts on the other hand, seem extremely excited about the upcoming Blackphone tablet which will be expected to have a significant price tag as well.

For the customers who plan to buy the upcoming Blackphone tablet, must keep a few things in mind. The tablet just like the Smartphone will have security as its major concern. Thus, you might not get things like it is in a normal android smartphone. The absence of a general App store will also make things a bit difficult to manage. Thus, in case you plan to go for it, re-consider your requirements. If security is of utmost importance, Blackphone tablet is your device.

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