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Will the next Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet a success

It’s been time that Microsoft has launched the surface Pro tablet and lately there are news that Microsoft will soon launch a new version of the Surface Pro. Now the question is if it will be a success or not? We got some information regarding the next generation Surface Pro tablet which we would like to share with you.

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The next generation Surface Pro will run on Intel powered i5 chips. These chips will help Surface Pro to deliver more battery backup than ever. The current model delivers battery backup of up to 4-5 hours but with the use of i5 chip it will last up to 7 hours.

Moreover, Microsoft is going to add a new keyboard which will help in optimizing the battery of Surface Pro. It has also come to news that the next generation Surface Pro will come with 8 GB RAM which is twice as much as the current model. Regarding the design and shape they will remain same as of the current model but the weight of the next gen surface tablet will be less and it will be slimmer. The next generation Surface Pro tablet will lack LTE support. It you are using your Surface Pro tablet as a laptop you won’t face any issue but if you are using it on mobile purposes then you might have to think for a better alternative.

We are not sure if bringing the improvements to the battery life will help Microsoft to bring back the lost users but can only wait and see what the results are.

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