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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella apologizes to all the women over his ‘Pay’ remarks

Chief executives often communicate via memos and emails, but rarely do they face the heat for offending subordinates. One such rare moment happened at Microsoft where a comment from the Indian origin CEO, Satya Nadella, was not well received. Satya was asked a simple question about women being uncomfortable in asking for a raise at work. His reply was not something most of the females attending the conference, which celebrated women in computed were hoping to hear.satya-nadella-microsoft-ceo

The chief executive of the software giant suggested them to have faith in the system and believe in good karma. Saying that with time a raise will certainly come their way. He was bashed with criticism at the Grace Hopper Celebration event. Many tweeples tweeted against Nadella’s comment, which ended lead to an apology from him. He accepted that what he said was wrong and he wants to apologize for the way he answered that question.


He wrote in an email that he backs all the Microsoft programs and wants to see more women on board in the industry. Taking back his comments and saying that women are equally passionate about technology and must be paid handsomely like men too. The pay gap is a big concern for these women and tech industry does not want to lose them. All the female employees who think they deserve a pay hike must come forward and ask for it.

The email is an attempt to set things right and avoid any rift among the human resources. The chief executive tells all the women working for his company to forget what he said. He also went ahead and advised them to ask and apply for a pay raise if they really feel they are ready for it.

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