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Leaked photos reveal huge upgrades in Apple iPad Air 2

Apple has planned to unveil its upcoming iPad Air 2 on October 16, rumors  has already filled regarding the upcoming iPad Air 2. Apple.club.tw has leaked few images of the upcoming iPad Air 2, shows crucial components of the device.IPADAIR2-4

The leaked images shows the important key features of the Apple upcoming iPad Air 2 and that comes as different one more than one may think. Unlike other manufactures, Apple doesn’t need to play the spec game for fun, Apple has added expensive hardware components in the upcoming iPad Air 2 while compared to the previous versions of iPads.


Apple has added following components in the upcoming iPad Air 2 to improve the performance of the device and they are,

Finally More RAM: the upcoming iPad Air 2 may feature 2 gigabytes of RAM, that allows the users to perform more operations with ultimate performance. Few rumors say that, the upcoming iPad Air 2 will comes with split screen multi-tasking features, which definitely needs more amount of memory space. However, Apple has finally increased its RAM after being criticized for several years that Apple comes with only 1 gigabyte of memory and Android devices comes with 2 or more.


Apple A8X Chipset: The new upcoming iPad Air 2 will powered by A8X chips that are found similarly in Apple iPhone 6. Moreover, it comes with more graphic processors as well as more memory bandwidth, X chips have faster CPUs and these are varied from the A8 Processors. The logic board of the device has been leaked by the Apple.club.tw and it shows varieties of hardware components too.


Apple Margins for iPads will go down: Since the configuration of the upcoming iPad Air 2 is a bit high from its predecessor and other models, the price for the device will go a bit more than the expected one. Currently, the iPad comes with A7 Processor and the upcoming iPad Air 2 features A8X Processors, that will make the device go higher in price.

The good news is that the upcoming iPad Air 2 comes with more configuration that will probably boost up the sales of the device and the new extra hardware may attract the customers to go for it.

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