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She fakes her birth date to join Facebook, she is a 113-year-old woman

Anna Stoehr, one of the eldest one in this globe, who is set to celebrate her 114th birthday coming week, joins Facebook. The US women got her Facebook account after she decided to fudge her age as 99 years old.anna-stoehr

Facebook is becoming a popular due to the various features that has been released by Facebook. The social media giant has kept its age limit at 99 and this made the 113 years old women to fudge her age by 15 years.


According to the report by KARE-TV,

Stoehr, the oldest resident of Minnesota, decided to fudge her age by 15 years and submitted her age as 99 to get through.

Basically, Facebook allows the users who born after 1905, and thus deemed her too old for signing up on the Facebook site. She learnt how to email and Google from one of the Verizon sales representative and she uses her own iPad to connect with her relatives and other peoples around her.

Mrs. Anna Stoehr has referred as on the oldest teenager in the internet communities and after signing up, she sent a letter to Mark Zuckerber regarding her opinion over the age limit, and she sent a letter with opening sentences as “I’m Still Here”.

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