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Changing terminals to be luxurious as Cadillac and American Airlines team up

General Motor Corporation and the American Airlines signed a deal on Monday which allows both the firms to enjoy a partnership for a long term period. The partnership signed between the American Airlines and GM’s brand, Cadillac. According to the reports, the partnership will allow the entry of Cadillac vehicles into the American Airlines terminals. The deal will also allow the customers to take on test drives of a Cadillac leading to earning points in the American Loyalty Program.Changing terminals to be luxurious as Cadillac and American Airlines team up

According to the statement made by Cadillac’s global Chief Marketing Officer Uwe Ellinghaus, the deal with the American Airlines will in turn, help both Cadillac’s Luxury cars and American Airlines with its customers. This deal is a part of the long process which will help the luxury brand of Cadillac to receive global exposure and thus leading to exponential growth. The CMO also promised of more marketing plans for the brand early next year.


According to the statistics, General Motors have had a tough time with the luxury brands as the executives feel that the high pricing has affected the sales. The experts also think that the lack of awareness among the customers have also lead to slower growth of the luxury brands. Cadillac’s global CMO Uwe Ellinghaus has also stated that linking to the iconic American Airlines will actually help Cadillac to get on with promotion and in turn better sales in the coming time.

As a part of the current deal, Cadillac exhibits will be placed in the airports in Dallas and Miami initially. Cars like Cadillac CTS, SRX, Escalade, etc. will be used for transportation of passengers from one terminal to another terminal and this will add to the reward miles program of the American airlines. Thus, the deal is expected to help GM’s Cadillac, American Airlines and the passengers at the same time.

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