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Facebook’s Local Awareness Ads To Help Local Businesses To Grow

Facebook has come out with a new agenda of launching local awareness ads. This is an experimental campaign by the social media giant and it will call the flag off if things don’t go well with the advertisers and users.facebook-local-awareness-ad

The ads would actually be directed to the users who are physically present in the area. It will prove to be beneficial for the businessmen to find new customers by showcasing the ads to people who are in close proximity to the area targeted.


The local awareness ads would be effective in terms of costing and they will surpass the concept of traditional advertising through newspapers and flyers, according to the social media giant. The local awareness ads also aim at helping the people to discover the places of their interest in a certain region.

In order to create the ad, you have to hit the Ads Create tool and tap on “Local Awareness” option. The second thing in motion should be choosing the page of the business that needs to be promoted.

The mentioned tool will actually demand for the business address of the user, in case it is not yet present on the page. You will be able to spot the area and the map of the ad coverage. The user will also have the flexibility to increase or decrease the radius of the ad according to their business need.

The social media giant believes that it will employ the info taken by the business users to search for the audience pertaining to the ad and it will target the users that live nearby the radius mentioned in the tool.

The privacy factor is also being taken care of by the social media giant. The advertisers will not be able to spot the specific users and the users can have a flexible hand at not showing their real location in the social network. These ads can be turned off by unselecting the location services in your smartphone.

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