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Quick & Easy Ways To Speed Up Apple MacBook Pro

If you were the one who need to boost up your MacBook Pro, then this one will definitely help you out. By using these simple and effective step by step guide, you can easily speed up your MacBook Pro.apple-macbook-pro-2014

Restart Your MacBook Pro: If you were feeling that your MacBook Pro is slowed down, then restarting the MacBook Pro will help you to boost up the speed of the device. Restarting will terminate the processes that are stuck during other processes.


Reduce the Number of Items in Login: Suppose, if your MacBook Pro takes more time to boot up, then the problem resides in the number of login items. The number of login items will be automatically increased while you were installing a new application in the Macbook Pro. As a result, the boot up of the Macbook Pro will take more time than the expected one. By going to System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login Items, you can remove those unwanted items during the startup process.

Clean the Hard Drive: The process of cleaning up the hard drive includes removal of unwanted files, delete files that require more space and removal of duplicated files. This process should be done manually or can be also done by using cleanup applications.

Close the application that are not in use: By removing the unused applications in  the Mac will increase the memory availability. Those applications can be closed by clicking the Quit button of the applications.

Substitute apps that have low memory usage: If you were facing slow performance in your MacBook Pro, then you can check out various applications that use more memory spaces and use an alternate application for that program. This will definitely help you in increasing the speed of your MacBook Pro.

Add RAM: The most efficient and easiest way to speed up the MacBook Pro is by adding RAM in it. It is not that much tougher task to change the RAM of the MacBook Pro. But if you were upgrading the older RAM with new one will definitely increase the speed of your device. On the Internet, you can find RAM for even $50, brand doesn’t matter for the device.

After buying a proper RAM for your device, power off the device and remove the set of screws from the MacBook and open the case. Simply exchange the older memory with the new one and make sure that you have noted the exact place of the screws while removing it.

Keep Your Operating system Updated: By updating the operating system in the device, you can avoid unnecessary file system problems and also this will make the device to run smoother and faster.

In case, if you know any alternative method, do inform us through the comment box below.

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