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Samsung is well off with Microsoft’s Nokia Deal, no disputes, only royalties!

This is an update to the previous article. The issues between Microsoft and Samsung may be what it seems and it might well be something completely different. As it turns out, an insider close to the talked about companies has something else to say in response to the article published on 5th October. The news is very much true that Microsoft has demanded a whooping amount of $6.9 millions as a damage due to the unpaid interests last year, but the amount is not what we are talking about here.



The news comes as in the person stating is not worried about the amount of money, instead the focus is solely to clear out other issues. As stated, the rumors are that the initial trouble between Samsung and Microsoft crept up when Microsoft decided to buy out Nokia. Samsung probably considered this as a violation of the deal and did not pay certain amounts of royalties.

The news comes that Samsung and Microsoft do not hold on any grudges regarding the Nokia deal. It actually seems very interesting as both are extremely well know in their respective fields, but still certain rumors do make them think. As an update on the dispute with Samsung,  David Howard – Corporate Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft has stated that

“After months of painstaking negotiations with two of the biggest and most sophisticated companies in the world, in 2011 Microsoft and Samsung agreed on the terms of a patent license agreement and a separate business collaboration agreement, the latter of which is unique to our relationship with Samsung. Samsung has suggested that Microsoft has breached the business collaboration agreement.”


There is not doubt about the fact that Samsung does praise the part played by Microsoft in the development of Google Inc’s Android and thus one might take another dig at the various rumors flowing around.

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