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Hairgate affects some iPhone 6 users; Galaxy Note 4 busy in Gapgate

Following the Apple iPhone 6 Plus’ Bendgate issue, now some iPhone users face a new weird problem – their hair gets caught when making calls on their smartphone. Now, the lazy practice of adding “gate” to indicate this controversy, users posted with hashtags like #Seamgate, #Beardgate or #Hairgate along with their iPhone 6 issues.iphone-6-hairgate

Few of the social media posts suggest that even the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users face a similar kind of problem, blaming the device’s frame and display glass that are placed with a small gap – – used #Gapgate here!


Initially, Apple’s big-sized iPhone 6 Plus involved in a controversy of #Bendgate, where many users reported the bending of their Apple phablet when kept in their back pocket. Later, Apple released the statement saying that only 8-9 users faced this problem and the company has also released a video where it justifies the angry users.

Users face issues like getting their hair/beard caught between the microscopic seam between the aluminium body and display glass of iPhone 6. The smartphone even pulls the hair out when the users remove their iPhones from the ear to finish the call.

The most important part of these issues is the entry of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. Following the viral news of iPhone 6 Plus’ bending issue, Samsung indirectly mocked Apple’s Bendgate in a Galaxy Note 4 bend test video. However, it seems the Galaxy Note 4 itself gets involved in the controversy over the gap between the frame and display glass. Not to forget, Blackberry had also mocked Apple during the launch of the new Passport by stating that it does not bend.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users pointed out that the device has a big gap where “even a business card” gets fitted in. Samsung quickly jumped out to release a statement saying that this gap will not affect the quality and the functionality of the smartphone.

An Official Samsung spokesperson told Trusted Reviews:

“The reported issue does not impact the functionality or quality of the Galaxy Note 4. We assure our customers that all Galaxy Note 4 units meet our strict manufacturing and quality control standards.”

Now that the iPhone 6 users started complaining about the hair-stuck problem, many more users might start complaining about the same issue in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 phablets too. Have you experienced the #Hairgate issue on your new iPhone or Samsung smartphone yet?

Watch this official video posted by Samsung, which shows you the bend test of Galaxy Note 4:

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