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Canada becomes the sixth nation to endorse e-labelling

Canada becomes the sixth country of the world to bring in the concept of e-labelling into the electronic market. Effective from 3rd of October, e-labelling will allow the manufacturers to provide much more information to the users. According to the Industry Minister James Moore, the new e-labelling regulations will allow the Canadians to see and use a wide variety of products which were not available for them until recently.Canada becomes the sixth nation to endorse e-labelling

If we take a look at the statistics, Canada is one of the major markets for a variety of gadgets. The Canadians are known to use a wide range of smart products starting from lightweight smart phones, tablets, health monitoring gadgets, etc.. In the majority of such devices, the manufacturers have to attach the labels which makes the things a bit difficult for the manufacturers to manage. It also happens that quite a few foreign products fail to reach the Canadian Market due to lack of labels on the products.


According to the Industry Minister, the new regulations of e-labelling will allow the manufacturers to inform the users about various facts like warranty, updates, issues and defects remotely at ease. The new regulations will not only benefit the users, but the manufacturers as well. It is also expected to boost the economy of Canada as it will reduce the costs on various fronts and will also allow the entry of various foreign products.

Here are a few important facts about e-labelling:

  1. The buyers will be notified about e-labelling on the box itself. Thus, informing the consumers about the authenticity of the product.
  2. E-labelling will in turn reduce the impact of the product and in the means allow the manufacturers to bring in better designs.
  3. The introduction of e-labelling regulations will help more that 70% of the present manufacturers.

Apart from Canada, countries like The United States of America, Japan, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Costa Rica also endorse e-labelling.

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