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The Ello Social Network: Things You Should Know

Hope you would have already heard about Ello, the invite only social networking site. If not, Read Ello ‘Social Network’: What’s so special in it?. Here I have explained few key facts of Ello, the brand-new social networking site.ello-social-media

Bikes and Robots: Ello was developed by Paul Budnitz, founder of Budnitz Bicycles and Kidrobot. Kidrobot is a company that deals with limited edition toys, accessories and clothes, whereas Budnitz Bicycles “manufacture custom-built titanium bikes”.


Going Public: The invite only social networking site allows the users to send only 5 Ello invites to invite their friends to the Ello site. Currently, 40,000 people are joining in the Ello per hour, last week the rate was only 35,000. Even some people are selling their invites in eBay auction.

Network first, business next: Ello offers the ‘freemium‘ kind of services and the main features are available for totally free of cost for the Ello users. But few features can be upgraded by paying small amount of money to Ello and other services will be totally free of cost.

Lee Bouyea, managing director for FreshTracks tells

“We see Facebook as an advertising platform, not a social network,”

Vermont of Social media: The main and foremost policy of Ello is that, they don’t sell ads. Rather that using ads, they sell their services and obtain a profit from that.

Lee Bouyea tells in a Press,

“We don’t really see ourselves competing with Facebook at all. We don’t have ads, just like Vermont doesn’t have billboards,”

Customization: Unlike other portal, you can customize the Ello according to your wish, it’s completely up to the people who decides how it looks and it will change according to the users.

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