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Facebook fights spammers and ‘fake likes’ providers

Facebook, the social media giant is targeting for those people who used to provide thousands of “likes” at free of cost. As a result, Facebook limits the number of likes per account and also take extreme action when like activity gets abnormally high.Facebook-Privacy-.JPEG-085e9

Facebook, the social media giant has more than 1.3 billion members and also has a massive network of customers. Facebook is continuously doing various activities to maintain the integrity of the site and also constantly working to reduce the spamming activities in it. Now, Facebook has planned to eradicate the spam activities that are occurring in the Facebook.


Matt Jones, Facebook integrity engineer mentioned in an official note,

“We write rules and use machine learning to catch suspicious behavior that sticks out,” and also added, “When we catch fraudulent activity, we work to counter and prevent it, including blocking accounts and removing fake likes all at once. As our tools have become more sophisticated, we’ve contributed some of our spam-fighting technology to the academic community as well, in hopes of helping other companies to combat similar problems. We want to help block spam no matter where it spreads.”

Facebook has a huge history of fending off the spammers from the Facebook site, and in the month of April, the company has aimed to remove the spam users to make the News Feed much cleaner. Facebook asks its users to avoid clicking over various unknown / suspicious URL to preserve their privacy.

Hackers usually hack into real accounts and deliver fake likes, these do not help other companies to achieve their business goals. It is strongly advised to avoid clicking on third-party sites and links.

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