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US Cellular now sells Motorola Moto X 2014 for $99 on contract

Motorola’s second generation Moto X (2014) has been the headline of every news lately. The fans were hugely excited about the launch of this snazzy handset. It is now available at U.S. Cellular, bringing smiles on the face of U.S. Cellular customers.moto-x-2014-us-cellular

Moto X will cost the user $100 along with a two year contract will also cover $20 a month for two years on the trot. U.S. Cellular has already started the sales of the anticipated handset. Moto X is also available online with U.S. Cellular.


The black leather/ bamboo backed Moto X is expected to go on sale at the end of this month at the cost of $150. The phone can also be bought without a contract with ‘zero’ down payment with monthly payments 24 times at $20. This scheme is applicable to the black version of Moto X. For the black leather or bamboo model, the users will have to spend $21.67 per month.

The above mentioned scheme is a relief for the users, but they will still have to pay the tax for the Moto X upfront. Joe Settimi, the vice president of marketing for U.S. Cellular stated, “We’re excited our customers will be able to get the upgraded Motorola experience which has features and tools to help you simplify and enhance your life,”.”The new Moto X empowers you to enjoy life on the go with additions including the updated voice control and 13-megapixel camera all on our best-in-class network, ensuring you stay organized and productive.”

Moto X is certainly one of the most anticipated devices of the season and it runs on Android 4.4 KitKat software and equips a 13MP rear camera with 4K video capture and 4x zoom facility. It is the second generation model of Moto X and possesses a screen size of 5.2 inches with 1080p display and pixel density of 423 ppi. The battery is measured at 2300mAh, which is enough to keep the phone going for several hours without a backup.

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