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Tesla’s ‘mysterious D’ set to be unveiled on October 9

CEO Elon Musk of Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has revealed on Twitter about the official announcement of new Tesla D. However the new model has already been leaked online before its official release on October 9.tesla-model-3-logo

Musk has kept the details of the model under wraps to create interest among Tesla fans. The photo was posted by Tesla Motors Club user “adelman” captured by his friend. The image shows a Tesla “Model P85D” parked at Inyokern airport California. Though the company already sells the P 85D model the leaked image suggests the new Model S will be a performance enhanced version of the current sports car.


Analysts suggest that the D refers to an all-wheel system and a “dual-motor” in the new model. The image did not mention any details except mentioning the stock gray wheels and red brakes of the P85 model. The release of the new Model X SUV is also predicted during early 2015 and a cheaper version of the sedan will be released in the coming years, which is codenamedModel 3” which the scientists and engineers are working on.

The tweet from the company’s CEO found nearly 10,000 re-tweets and Favorited by 7,000 users. The announcement definitely created interest among a section of users who prefer electric cars than traditional vehicles. Tesla’s stocks fell by 20 percent after the announcement though shareholders predict a rise in stock prices after the official announcement on Oct 9.

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