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Apple reveals new iCloud security tool – Activation Lock Status

Apple has revealed a new we-based tool “Check Activation Lock Status” that will allow buyers of iPhone, iPad and iPod to check the authenticity of their devices. By entering the IMEI number of the device the user will know the status of the activation lock.activationlock2_2

A new user will be able to get full access to the device only if the earlier owner has disabled the activation lock. If the activation lock is enabled it will mean that the device was not authorized to be sold. The new webpage tool can be used remotely from Apple devices and is a part of the security feature in iCloud. Though the activation lock feature was optional and introduced in iOS 7, it has been enabled by default in iOS 8.


Buyers who acquire stolen Apple devices will not be able to access complete features of the device due to its lock. The new tool will prevent the notion of stealing iPhones and preventing them from disabling ‘Find My iPhone’ feature or wiping the data on the devices. The “Check Activation Lock Status” feature allows users to recognize “doulCi” devices which can bypass iCloud and activating the device. However the network service will remain disabled.

More than 3.1 million smartphones were reported to be stolen in America and Apple’s move to bring in a new iCloud security feature is seen as a way to deter thieves. The recent hacking of celebrity iCloud accounts which resulted in leaking of private pictures by hackers has caused the company to bring in additional security measures.

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