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The Note-taking Evernote App Brings Chat and News Stories on Board

The CEO of Evernote, Phil Libin announced an innovative note-taking system to be incorporated into the app. This unveiling was done at the developer’s conference of Evernote. The most important two features that have been introduced are Work Chat and Context. These features are responsible to make the system easy to use for the business clients who pay as much as $10 per month to avail the service.evernote-work-chat

With the help of Work Chat, the users will be able to chat in real time with the other users that work inside the system. It also implies to all the people who use Evernote. According to Libin, the users were anxiously waiting for such features to embed in Evernote and the response after the announcement of new features has been encouraging.


The users will be able to share messages, links, notes and they will be able send the full notebooks over chat. When you send notes to several people, you are able to spot when multiple users check the same note and subsequently chat with them. The Work Chat feature can be availed by the users of Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. The service is expected to get imposed in late 2014, so the users will have to wait a little more.

The Context feature that has been announced with the Work Chat feature avails the user relevant notes to what he is writing in Evernote. The info that is provided by the Context feature can be anything ranging from past saved notes to the notes your collaborator has saved.


The business users will be most benefitted from the new features embedded in Evernote. There are many reasons why there is a wave of anxiety among them, in order to use the new services of Evernote.

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