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Ello has to fight DDoS Attack before it takes on Facebook

The Anti-Facebook social network ‘Ello’ was attacked, now it is safe. Just when the word about this new social network was spreading and people were hopping on this platform, the new ad-free Ello failed them. A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack has been causing trouble to the social network. Such an attack in the nascent beta stages of existence can cost users’ trust for new social networks like Elloello-ddos-attack

The users were unable to access the platform. The site was down for around 45 minutes and the company responded by saying that it was under a DDos attack. Such an attack is caused by blocking genuine users coming to use the service by propagating the denial of service situation. The offense is caused by hackers who use IP’s for this attack. The issue was fixed by blocking the IP addresses causing this attack.


The users who joined this trendy social network saw status messages like the site is currently unavailable and were told to check updates on their status page. The site’s sign ups were increasing every hour, but post the attacks the users may not trust the platform. Ello significantly challenged and successfully brought the bored users over to its site, but keeping them safe and secure is an issue too. The attack which disabled the platform created a sense of fear among the newly transitioned users, which now Ello has to improve upon.

The anti-Facebook website gets more than 31000 requests to join every hour. The invites are sold online and many users are buying invites on eBay to get on this cool and trendy social network. Many social networks experience outages like this, but Ello was significantly faster in getting attacked. The site however has to deal with such attacks first and then think about taking on Facebook. We hope that Ello will be stable in the near future as they resolved the issue and came back in action.

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