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Apple HealthKit Apps, From WWDC to App Store

WWDC, Apple’s annual conference saw the release of oodles of new products and features. One such announcement was a platform for health and fitness called, HealthKit. It is a part of the latest iOS 8, which can be used both by users and developers. Users get best measuring and tracking facilities about their health and fitness through the applications developed on this platform. The innovative attempt at optimizing health care facilities and fulfilling a moral obligation. But the platform and its applications presented at WWDC in June 2014 were not released because of some bugs. Only the latest software upgrade for iOS 8 was made available to users globally. Meanwhile, HealthKit was tweaked and bugs were corrected and it made its App store debut recently.HealthKitApp_NEW-624x351

The innovation behind HealthKit is explained by the problem it solves. This software platform is capable of storing complete records and details about a patient, which can be pulled whenever and where required. Another significant feature is facilitating interaction between the applications and devices.

Most of the healthcare depends on how the body responds to the treatment and monitoring factors driven by data was not possible until now. HealthKit is a single solution for all this. The personal health apps track, monitor and calculate all the data and present it in one place. This way your present health situation is presented in a crystal clear way to you and your doctor.

Apple’s HealthKit gives you your health and fitness profile that you can carry with you. The latest update iOS 8.0.2 has HealthKit apps, but due to the recent glitches many people are not willing to try it out. The health apps are available for download and health app developers are hopeful that their apps will be a game changer in the healthcare industry. The benefit of all is the key factor behind the platform and Apple’s plan to eat a chunk of this huge multi-trillion-dollar industry.

The HealthKit is part of the iOS 8.0.2 update that includes fixes for issue in 8.0.1. FitPort, an app that compiles health information based on steps taken, calories and other data was among the first apps that was listed in the App Store. Other apps include WebMD, MyFitnessPal and Carrot Fit that are compatible with iOS 8.0.2. A WebMD spokesperson stated that Apple gave the “green light to launch” on Firday afternoon.

The HealthKit app that remained idle on iOS 8 will now become active by downloading the range of health related apps. HealthKit marks Apple’s move into health and fitness category and the company had spent several months in reaching out to developers for syncing data between apps and the platform. HealthKit works in the same way as the company’s Passbook app that stores airline passes, movie tickets and many more. Data that is compiled from the apps like Nike into one health-based platform.

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