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3 things to know about the Shellshock bug

Vulnerabilities arise time and again in the cyber world. The last prominent attack was Heartbleed. Most security fixes can deal with the bugs and viruses spread by hackers to cause damage. Last week Unix discovered a brand new bug called Shellshock, which is prominently attacking users worldwide. The news of the attack has spread all over the internet and the OS users are worried about their personal data being compromised.shellshock-rob-graham-twitter_thumbnail

Researchers say that the bug is as old as 1992 and are trying to release patches that can fix it. Many open source fixes have been released and some newer bugs have also been discovered since Shellshock’s discovery. Here are 3 things you need to know about Shellshock bug:


1. What is Shellshock?

Shellshock is a bug in bash (Unix shell), which is recently discovered. Security experts are saying it is the most dangerous bug, they have ever seen. Shellshock can trigger attacks, where attackers can run malicious code and steal valuable information from your machine.

2. Are you attacked or not?

Do you use a Linux or Unix machine? If yes, most probably you are going to be attacked. The computers connected to the internet and online servers are most prone to this attack. Even Mac users who work with advanced Unix settings are going to suffer.

3. How to safeguard yourself?

The companies and open source researchers are rolling out fixes since the bug has been identified. Make sure you upgrade your system and do not share any personal information until Shellshock bug is completely taken care of. Apple is also working on a fix for its users, stay tuned for the patch update.

The companies are warning the users not to use their credit cards online as this bug can trigger various new attacks. Any hacker can execute malicious code on your virus infected machines causing an attack without your authority.

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