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Comcast hires new VP to fix customer service issues

Comcast on Friday appointed a new Vice President Charlie Herrin for solving customer service issues. The move comes after the company was named for the “worst company in United States” twice.Cable Giant Comcast To Acquire Time Warner Cable

Earlier, Herrin was the VP at the product design and development section is now being asked to take charge of “customer experience” bt Comcast CEO Neil Smit. Cable companies have issues in sending technicians at the right time, callers might be put on hold or the service comes down which eventually frustrates the subscribers. Recordings of conversations between the company and subscribers were also posted online to reveal the poor customer service.


“Charlie will partner with leaders across all business units, including customer service, technical operations, sales, marketing, training and development,” said Smit in a blog post.

Herrin had worked in the company for the past 15 years and will now work with Senior VP of Customer service Tom Karinshak and report to CEO Neil Smit and Chief Operating Officer Dave Watson. The company admitted that improving customer service was a tough process, but it will remain a priority. Smit stated that the transformation will not happen overnight.

Comcast has promised improved customer service in the coming years. The poor customer service has been causing much embarrassment to the executives in the company. Currently, Comcast in waiting for the government’s approval of the $45 billion Time Warner Cable deal, which will make the company the largest internet and TV provider in the Los Angeles area. This is also seen as a reason to improve the service as more subscribers will prefer Comcast.

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