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As iOS 8.0.2 being rolled out, Apple HealthKit is finally live

Apple has finally released the first batch of HealthKit-enabled apps on iOS after a delay that stopped its launch during the release of iOS 8 last Wednesday. The apps would be compatible on iOS 8.0.2 that rolled out recently.ios-8-healthkit

The HealthKit is part of the iOS 8.0.2 update that includes fixes for issue in 8.0.1. FitPort, an app that compiles health information based on steps taken, calories and other data was among the first apps that was listed in the App Store. Other apps include WebMD, MyFitnessPal and Carrot Fit that are compatible with iOS 8.0.2. A WebMD spokesperson stated that Apple gave the “greenlight to launch” on Firday afternoon.


The HealthKit app that remained idle on iOS 8 will now become active by downloading the range of health related apps. HealthKit marks Apple’s move into health and fitness category and the company had spent several months in reaching out to developers for syncing data between apps and the platform. HealthKit works in the same way as the company’s Passbook app that stores airline passes, movie tickets and many more. Data that is compiled from the apps like Nike into one health-based platform.

Apart from app development, Apple is working with the Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai Hospital, Johns Hopkins University and electronic health database AllScripts. The company also announced its partnership with leading organizations like Mayo clinic that stores data on blood pressure within the app. Users will also have the ability to set read and write capabilities of apps and integration of data.  More Healthkit related apps are set to be released in the future in the Apple App Store.

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