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Sisters sue Snapchat for bikini pics appearing in ‘Snapchat Sluts’ search

Two sisters have sued Snapchat for using the pictures without their permission with their images also appearing in the ‘Snapchat Sluts’ search results. They also claimed they were misled and unpaid by Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel.snapchat

Spiegel had first met Elizabeth and Sarah while they were students at Stanford university in 2011. He then convinced the Turner sisters to shoot promotional pictures for a project called “Picaboo,” the earlier name of Snapchat. By 2014, the service  had grown in popularity and the sisters became the “faces of Snapchat”. The pictures that were taken while they were 18 or 19 years shows them in bikini and cropped images for showing them naked as mentioned in the lawsuit.


The sisters sued Spiegel on the fact that they were unpaid, though they had signed forms that waived rights for the pictures and the work does not come in any type of financial remuneration. The app reputation of a ‘sexting’ app was also one of the reasons behind the lawsuit that was filed in Central District Court of Los Angeles in California. They also claimed that the company which had a valuation of $10 billion has not paid a single remuneration. The date for the trial has not been decided.


Spiegel has been sued for violation of statutory and common rights of publicity with Snapchat CTO Robert Murphy as the defendant in the case. Earlier Snapchat had a 18-month court battle with Reggie Brown, who claimed that Snapchat was his idea. The case was settled out-of court and Snapchat announced that Brown had indeed helped the company’s growth.

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