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Ello – A new social network, focuses on empowerment not advertisement

Talking about social networking sites, a new kid on the block is Ello. The rising sign ups for this invite only social network has gained everyone’s attention. Propagated as Anti-Facebook, the site is still in beta stages and is enjoying new users every day. Ello is a simple, beautiful and ad-free platform which does not track you. Unlike the other social giants, where all your information is tracked and sold to the advertisers. Ello believes that a social network should not be owned by advertisers. It is the user’s space, a place to connect, create and celebrate life.ello-social-network

All our social profiles are treated as a product and we are shown advertisements all the time. This invasion has made the social experience crappy online. Many people are fleeing Facebook for this reason alone and at Ello they are finding a space for themselves with minimal design and disturbance. Yes, Ello has really simple and intuitive design and strict policy against trolling. A site that promises you the privacy and keeps it.

To join Ello, you have to request for an invite. For signing up you have to make a profile first. Like every other social platform, add your photo on your profile page, upload a header image and add a short bio to complete your Ello profile page.

Friends and Noise are two special features at Ello. You can mark people on Ello either as Friends or as Noise. Ello has a Friends tab to show the updates of everybody you mark as friends and the Noise tab brings you a grid-like structure of the posts from the people you marked Noise. Click on the blank box if you have to post or share something. The site is in beta stages so more features will be added. The promise of no advertising will be kept as the founders discussed about adding paid features to Ello in the near future.

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