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Future of passwords is heart beat – thanks to nymi

There will be a situation in every one’s life that somehow they managed to forgot passwords which should be remembered. You make forgot them which will drive you into lot of troubles. For example if you have forgotten your password for your computer then what will you do. If you are a geek you can solve the problem yourself. What will you do if you are not a geek. You have to call someone to solve it. To avoid all these things we will show you a new way. The future of Passwords is Heart Beat. You make think me as a crazy. Yes you are hearing me right the future of passwords is Heart Beat. Yes like finger print is unique for every person. The heart Beat of each person is also unique.  It’s a biometric authentication like Fingerprint scan or iris scan. This is a new way of technology.

The device is named as Nymi is developed by a team of 7 people at Bionym which is leader in developing cutting edge Biometric technologies. The device looks like a wrist band and will use your heart beat as password.



As the device looks trendy at present company is accepting pre-orders at a price of  $79 from the company website you want to order one then go and grab one here.  Some cool features of the device are the device will have connectivity options like Bluetooth. It contains a proximity sensor to act as a motion sensor. Last but not least a Heart ID. It can be connected to your smartphone to monitor it. The device is so secure that it has a 3 factor security system which makes the device more secure.  The device helps you too access your personal computer at home or at office using your heart beat which makes it more secure and will make you happy that no one can access your computer without your Heart Beat. It looks cool and you can use it to unlock your car also. You can lift the back door with the motion of your hand. The future is before you and it’s a nice idea and will be a huge hit as the passwords can be cracked whereas the heart beat can’t. I think you got my point.

Check the device here .

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